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New Moon LOST the chemistry…

I watched New Moon on the big screen fourth time, but still so…plain to me. Maybe cuz’ I love edward aka Rpatz too much so I didnt give attention to Bella/Jacob interaction.  I’m sooo Team Edward…and Yess…..NM very dissapointed for me cuz too rush, too lack of interaction Edward and Bella  in the end of the movie.  and too much jacob abs -(sorry Team Jacob)

they didn't use this bad

they didn't use this angle scene ( to bad bad!)

yes its kind of “BlockBuster Movies”, more big budget with CGI and many other character (wolfpack), but its lost of chemistry between Edward and Bella.  I think if Robert and kristen  get more space to pull out their chemistry in the movie, it’s must be more beautifull.  Their chemistry in the beginning very..very good,  especially their kiss after birthday party (their kiss sooo…… passionately PAIN and then edward so cold when reply “Iloveu” word  from Bella  – I almost cry, but I didnt)

the soundtrack are GOOD but I think..are not slurred with the scenes (except Possibility – Lykke li – Bella with empty face and the season changes…that’s beautifully hurt)
I miss Rob’s voice in the death and dinner scene….I miss Flightless Bird American Mouth in the Prom scene…, I miss touch of Curter burwell in Bella Lullaby. For me,  each songs in Twilight soundtracks remind me on each relate to importance/ beautifull  scenes. (Chris Weitz didn’t get it at all……sad…so sad….)


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